Empathy, Sensuality and Relationship Coaching

Grief and Passion

Grief happens when we have opened to desire and experienced life and people which have now ended or we have lost. We can also grieve parts of ourselves that have been lost. We grieve because we love.

Photo by Phil Hinton Photography

The Sensuality of the Downside

aka Slow down and everything becomes sensual

What People Say

“Each time I have left our encounters lifted into a more open, appreciative and peaceful mindset that has remained with me for a long time afterwards.” London, 2016

“The talking at the beginning of the session is really good. Very easy and natural and you get to the point. You ask searching questions. I’m happy that I can be vulnerable with you. I come in as a wounded guy and it’s good for me to be open and be as vulnerable as possible and it’s testimony to you that I can be vulnerable with you. My material can be quite heavy and I’m never sure if people can handle it. With you, I don’t need to hold back. I really appreciate that and the space that you hold. Lovely energy in your space. Really good healing.”  London, 2019

“Ceridwen is a uniquely, inspiringly skilled, sensitive, effective, light-touch facilitator-guide.” London, 2018

Festival Clients

Xplore Berlin 2019

Presenting Tools for Tense Situations and Grief, Passion and Wailing

Manchester Tantra Festival 2019

Presenting Feel your Feelings and Need your Needs

The Intimate Revolution, Austria 2020

Presenting Communication and Consent, Grief, Passion and Wailing and the Sensuality of the Downside

Who am I for?

I work with those who are actively seeking personal and collective change.

I help people transform into greater personal and collective power, to create a more compassionate system that cares for everyone’s needs.